P125 Coeur de Guanaja


ColorDark Grands Crus Blend

Chocolate concentrate. : Made from the same fine cocoa as Guanaja, P125 Cœur de Guanaja 80% is less sweet than regular chocolate and has a strong flavor intensified by a higher content of dry cocoa matter.

3 kg feves bag

P125: The chocolate concentrate.

The recipe and manufacturing process used to make Cœur de GUANAJA chocolate are the result of original and innovative technology. The process is based on a flavor concentration technique that softens the texture and boosts the chocolaty notes for anyone who loves that chocolate intensity. Its extremely low cocoa butter content opens opportunities for more flavorful applications. Cœur de GUANAJA makes it possible to create chocolate recipes with high flavor potential, chocolaty-rich ice creams, softer textures and unparalleled chocolate intensity. The concentration factor gives preparations an even deeper mahogany chocolate color.


"With Cœur de Guanaja, I can make ice cream with much bolder chocolate flavor, more powerful custards and much more... All of this without any hardening."

Frédéric Bau Director of Valrhona Creation

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